woman drinking echinacea tea

Can Echinacea Really Stifle Your Sniffles?

Echinacea has been used for hundreds of years as an herbal remedy, and there is plenty of evidence that affirms its medicinal benefits. 
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woman harvesting vegetables

7 Immunity-Boosting Veggies You Should Taste-Test

If you’re looking to strengthen your immune system, eating your vegetables — no matter how bad (or good) they taste to you — is a smart bet.
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mother gardening with kids

Is Your Cleaning Fixation Harming Your Immune System?

Clean freak? You may be depriving yourself of “bad” microbes to train your immune system. 
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stressed man at computer

6 Signs That Your Immune System Needs a Tune-Up

Just like your car, your body has early warning systems to let you know when something might need attention.
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Exhausted mother pouring coffee

Struggling to Sleep? Your Immune System May Be at Risk

It's a no-brainer that you need adequate sleep, but so do the "warrior" cells in your immune system.
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middle-aged people in spin class charging up their immune system

How to Keep Your Immune System Charged Up As You Age

If you envision an active and fulfilling life in your golden years, it's time to start nurturing your immune health.
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athletic couple planking

Is Collagen Just For Women?

Men can suffer from the symptoms of collagen loss as much as women do. A collagen peptides supplement can provide joint support, strength and even keep men looking younger.
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woman's healthy fingernails

Can Collagen Benefit Your Nails?

Strong, beautiful nails come from a healthy nail bed and the right type of collagen protein to support their growth.
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sick woman drinking tea

Starve a Fever? Facts and Myths About Your Immune System

Arming yourself with some facts about the human immune system will help you make informed decisions that can lead to a longer, healthier life.
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older woman examining wrinkles in mirror

Reasons You Lose Collagen As You Age

While you can’t completely stop the natural loss of collagen that leads to fine lines, dryness and loose skin, adjusting lifestyle factors can help.
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women working out in park to boost their immunity

Why Your Immune System Needs TLC During Trying Times

It’s more important than ever to be mindful of choices you make that could degrade your immune system.
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 exhausted woman laying face down on couch

Why Anemia Lowers Your Energy

If you were diagnosed with anemia and have been feeling exhausted, here's why...
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