Can Collagen Benefit Your Nails?

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By Lauren Panoff, MPH, RD

There are many products marketed to consumers that claim to boost nail growth, reduce nail brittleness and improve the overall appearance of nails. With the growing body of research in support of collagen applications for hair and skin, you may be wondering if it has the same effect on nails. When used appropriately and in the right form, supplemental collagen can be used to support optimal nail health, giving you the strong nails you are looking for. 

Collagen and Nail Health

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, and is a major component of skin, ligaments, tendons, bones and muscles. It may surprise you that collagen is not the protein that makes up nails; that protein, called keratin, is structurally similar to collagen. But collagen is found in your nail beds, the skin that resides just underneath your nail. 

...adding supplemental collagen to your health and beauty regimen can improve the texture, appearance and growth of your nails.

Taking care of your nail beds is a good way to promote healthy nail growth starting at the root. Collagen could be looked at as part of the fertilizer that can help aging nails stay healthy and continue to grow strong. 

How Collagen Can Benefit Nails

Collagen production and density decreases naturally with age. This is one reason why we experience things like brittle nails — along with dry hair and wrinkled skin — as we get older. The good news is that adding supplemental collagen to your health and beauty regimen can improve the texture, appearance and growth of your nails.

Studies show that individuals with collagen disorders are likely to experience a large range of nail changes, demonstrating the essential role of collagen in healthy nails.

Supplementing collagen has been shown to improve your body’s process of natural collagen production, and increase the collagen density in your body. Collagen contains a number of amino acids, including L-arginine, which may play a particular role in the maintenance of healthy nails. Many of these amino acids are needed to make keratin. 

A 2017 study gave 25 female participants 2.5 grams daily of oral bioactive collagen peptides — including types I and III collagen — for six months, followed by a four-week period without treatments. The authors found that nail growth and nail brittleness were significantly improved with daily collagen peptide supplementation. These improvements were seen both during the six months of treatment as well as during the period of no treatment. The women also saw a 42% reduction in broken nails with collagen peptide treatment.

Collagen Peptides and Nails

Native Origins Collagen Peptides has been designed to improve nail brittleness and promote faster nail growth. Collagen peptides are a hydrolyzed  (broken down) form of collagen that is most effective in improving nail health. 

Our Collagen Peptides product is formulated with types I, II and III collagen peptides, in combination with microencapsulated Vitamin C, to improve nail health. Animal studies have shown that this combination of collagen and Vitamin C is effective in promoting natural collagen synthesis. 

Strong, beautiful nails come from a healthy nail bed and the right type of protein to support their growth. Collagen can help nails remain healthy and strong. 

Native Origins Collagen Peptides

Research shows that regular collagen supplementation is required to maintain its anti-aging benefits.

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