Can You Stomach Taking Iron?

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young woman with stomach pain

Your doctor has told you that you have iron-deficiency anemia. The recommendation is to start taking an iron supplement, so as a diligent patient you go to the store and purchase one. After a few hours, your stomach feels like there is a brick inside. You feel nauseated and like you might throw up. You keep trying to take the supplement for a few days because you know you need it, but after awhile you just can’t stomach it anymore. So, you quit. And your iron probably remains low, as does your energy. Why does this happen?

Iron and Your Stomach

Iron supplements are very hard on the stomach. They can make your stomach hurt and also make you vomit, if you are particularly sensitive. In some people iron supplements can cause gastritis, or irritation of the stomach lining. When iron is able to infiltrate the stomach lining, it can lead to ulcers or erosion. 

What makes you feel exhausted is the lack of RBCs, a consequence of the lack of iron. 

But iron supplements don’t only impact the stomach. They can also cause constipation or diarrhea, depending on your sensitivity to them. They can also turn your stools black or tarry. Usually these symptoms go away once you stop taking the supplement.

Taking iron supplements with food can help ease some side effects, but iron is not as well absorbed when taken with food. This leaves you in a bit of a conundrum as to whether or not you should take an iron supplement. You know you will feel better if you improve your iron levels, but the treatment is making you feel really awful. Luckily, there is a better solution.

How Prohemia is Different

Iron-deficiency anemia is caused by an inadequate iron supply in the body that leads to too few red blood cells (RBCs). What makes you feel exhausted is the lack of RBCs, a consequence of the lack of iron. So, although taking an iron supplement can help supply your body with what it needs to make more RBCs, wouldn’t it be more efficient to take something that impacts the blood directly?

Prohemia targets anemia from two different angles. First, Prohemia contains an iron availability complex to make sure the iron is going where the body actually needs it. This complex contains tummy-friendly iron and extracts from dandelion and yellow dock, two incredibly iron-dense plants. It also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B3 and nickel, which all boost iron absorption. With Prohemia, the body gets the maximum amount of iron it can from a supplement.

Secondly, Prohemia boosts RBC production directly. It stimulates the production of the erythropoietin (EPO) in the kidneys. This hormone encourages the formation of red blood cells by the bone marrow. Echinacea is the ingredient that helps directly encourage the production of EPO. This makes you feel better faster once the red blood cell levels are restored.

Just to ensure you the most effective and fastest results, Prohemia also includes  alpha-lipoic acid, lutein and lycopene; these natural anti-inflammatory ingredients help reduce any inflammation which might make your anemia worse.

You don’t have to struggle with anemia or stomach pain caused by iron supplements. Prohemia offers a better, more effective alternative to help you get your energy back right away.

Don’t let the debilitating symptoms of anemia hold you back another moment.

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