Fitness Tactics For Anemics

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woman doing yoga

You love being healthy and active. It’s what lets you do the things you want to do, and that includes enjoying the benefits of a great fitness routine. 

But when you struggle with anemia, lethargy, weakness and fatigue can get in the way. It’s hard to be motivated to exercise when you lack energy. And even if you have the motivation, being energized enough to exercise safely and effectively might feel out of reach.

Don’t Let Anemia Keep You Down

You should be able to enjoy a great fitness routine without complications or discomfort. The key is to create a fitness plan that works with your condition. With the right exercise plan, you can achieve greater health.

To do this you need a strategy customized to you specific needs dealing with your anemia. To exercise safely and effectively, here are some common tactics for creating a fitness regimen:

  1. Consult an expert. A fitness trainer can provide recommendations for the types of exercises to do based on your health. For example, not all effective core exercise requires intense or explosive movements. Good trainers can give you a variety of options for building muscles while improving cardio and flexibility. Trainers provide valuable education that can help you isolate your specific needs and identify your particular fitness goals. Once you are educated, creating the right fitness regimen will be much easier.
  2. Choose low-impact exercises. Pilates, yoga and resistance training are often good options for those with anemia. They promote even and ongoing breathing, which helps to oxygenate the body as you exercise and in turn improves your vascular system without straining it.
  3. Schedule exercise when you have energy. This might be during the hour following a nutrient-rich meal and when you’re properly hydrated. Most people feel fatigued in the middle of the afternoon. For those with anemia, this feeling is all the more profound, so it’s a good time to avoid exercising. On the other hand, people tend to feel more alert and stronger in early morning or during the evening. Figure out the time of day when you feel most vital and schedule your workout then. It will improve your outcomes and help you sustain energy.
  4. Be kind to yourself. Exercising can be taxing on the body, and when you’re anemic you may experience debilitating weakness with exercise. If you feel dizziness, nausea or discomfort, slow down or take a break. Fitness is a journey, and learning when you should and shouldn’t push yourself is important. Remember to breathe, drink water and regroup when you need to. 
  5. Take a friend. Maintaining a fitness routine is hard for everyone. Staying motivated when your illness causes fatigue makes it even harder to maintain exercise goals. A simple trick is to find a friend who will work out with you; you’ll be less likely to ditch a workout. So lean into a little positive peer-pressure by making yourself accountable to someone else.

Creating the right exercise game plan will help you achieve better overall fitness while also mitigating many of your anemia symptoms. Remember to take it slow and steady. Take pleasure in even the smallest bit of progress. Stay active on your own terms.

Don’t let your anemia get in the way of your overall well-being.

Don’t let the debilitating symptoms of anemia hold you back another moment.

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