An RLS Bedtime Story: How to Fall Asleep in Under 20 Minutes

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counting sheep

Isn’t RLS insomnia the worst? The tossing and turning, racing thoughts, and twitchy legs — pure misery! 

There are many tricks to help you fall asleep, but let's face it: Warm milk and counting sheep usually fail. But there’s one trick that may work for you: It’s based on self-hypnosis, and is customized for those with RLS. 

Here's how it works: Get into to your favorite position for falling asleep. Take three deep breaths, pausing for a second after each inhale before slowly exhaling. This triggers the relaxation response, making your mind and body receptive to the self-hypnosis “auto-suggestions” that follow.

Next, give your racing brain a single, simple task: Counting backwards from 100. Visualize the number 100, and recite this in your head: “100. My legs and feet feel heavy and warm.” Wait a moment, allowing the words and feelings to sink in, and then see the number 100 dissipating like smoke and blowing away.

Valerian has been found to both accelerate sleep onset and reduce nighttime awakenings.

Next, see in your mind’s eye the number 99. Recite in your head: “99. My legs and feet feel heavy and warm.” When you think it, believe it ... keep your focus and don’t rush!

Continue this practice, counting backwards from 100 and reciting until you reach zero or fall asleep. The likelihood is that you’ll conk out way before you get to zero. Try it and see. 

Self-Hypnosis Relaxes Restless Legs

In this “autogenic training” self-hypnosis technique, you can relax your whole nervous system just by thinking about feelings of warmth and heaviness. Your legs will really start to feel heavy and warm! 

These “heavy and warm” feelings translate to relaxed muscles and deep sleep. By combining affirmations with the focused task of counting backwards, you can induce a state of light hypnosis that soothes your legs and ushers in awesomely restful sleep. 

The valerian root found in Calm Legs complements self-hypnosis practice nicely. Valerian has been found to both accelerate sleep onset and reduce nighttime awakenings.1

You can try Calm Legs risk-free with our money-back guarantee and experience once again how great it feels to get a peaceful night’s sleep.


1Cuellar N, Ratcliffe J. Does Valerian Improve Sleepiness and Symptom Severity in People With Restless Legs Syndrome? Alternative Therapies, Mar/Apr 2009, Vol. 15, No. 2.

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