Tired female athlete

Exercise-Induced Anemia: A Concern For Athletes

While exercise-induced anemia is rare, serious athletes are particularly prone to this type of iron deficiency.
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The Healing Power of Yoga For Anemia

Oxygenation of the blood and improved circulation provided by yoga practice can help relieve anemia symptoms.
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Top 5 Reasons You’re Always Tired

Pinpointing why you're often fatigued can be difficult. Here are the most common reasons.
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How to Identify Your Type of Anemia

If you're constantly fatigued, anemia may be the cause. Determining which type of the condition you have is key restoring health.
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Fitness Tactics For Anemics

Getting motivated to exercise when you lack energy is a challenge. Try customizing your fitness strategy.
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erythropoietin and red blood cells

Exhausted? Check your EPO

If you're struggling with fatigue and exhaustion related to anemia, a natural boost this important hormone can help.
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tired Asian woman on city street

Why Anemia Drags You Down

A well-rounded treatment for anemia should include supplemental iron and nutrients that help the body boost production of hemoglobin. 
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woman not feeling well

Iron Deficiency Anemia and Your Period

Menorrhagia, or very heavy bleeding during a woman's monthly cycle, can cause anemia. We explore symptoms and treatments.
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female hospital patient with doctor

Anemia and Surgical Risks

Planning to undergo surgery? Treat anemia beforehand to improve your chances for a successful outcome.
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Pale woman with cancer

8 Signs You Might Have Anemia

Feeling overly fatigued, dizzy and unmotivated? These could be signs that you're anemic.
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woman with cancer resting

Inflammation and Anemia: What’s the Connection?

Inflammation can get out of control and take over the whole body, triggering anemia of chronic disease.
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melting ice cubes

Is Craving Ice a Sign of Anemia?

Cravings for non-food items like ice, dirt or paint chips may be a sign you need more iron in you diet. 
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