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8 Signs You Might Have Anemia

Feeling overly fatigued, dizzy and unmotivated? These could be signs that you're anemic.
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Inflammation and Anemia: What’s the Connection?

Inflammation can get out of control and take over the whole body, triggering anemia of chronic disease.
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Is Craving Ice a Sign of Anemia?

Cravings for non-food items like ice, dirt or paint chips may be a sign you need more iron in you diet. 
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Can You Stomach Taking Iron?

Iron supplements are very hard on the stomach. They can make your stomach hurt and also make you vomit, if you are particularly sensitive. 
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Anemia Increases Dementia Risks in Elderly

A 2013 clinical trial at the University of California-San Francisco suggested that anemia may be a precursor to dementia.
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Anemia as a Complication of Gastric Bypass Surgery

 If gastric bypass surgery has left you dizzy and lacking energy, you may be anemic.
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Anemia in Men Post-Stroke Increases Chance of Dying

It is recommended that men be evaluated for anemia post-stroke, and that they take iron to increase production of red blood cells.
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What is the Difference Between Heme and Non-Heme Iron?

Anemia can affect the productivity of individuals, and yet effective remedies are available.