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How Stress Impacts RLS

Stress is a major trigger for RLS. Find out how you can manage both ailments with natural remedies.
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How a Bad Night’s Sleep Changes Your Brain

Your brain experiences specific negative effects of poor sleep that impact your whole body.
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Sleep Deprivation: A Serious Consequence of Restless Legs

RLS does not usually directly lead to serious health consequences, but that doesn't mean it's harmless.
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An RLS Bedtime Story: How to Fall Asleep in Under 20 Minutes

Use this self-hypnosis technique to relax your restless legs at bedtime so you can fall asleep.
Survey Finds Only 6% of RLS Patients Say Drugs Control Symptoms

Survey Finds Only 6% of RLS Patients Say Drugs Control Symptoms

A patient survey revealed that drugs were ineffective in relieving RLS symptoms.

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Restless Legs in Pregnancy

A UK study of pregnant women concluded that RLS may have been due to unusually high levels of stress.

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Restless Legs and Type 2 Diabetes

An Italian study found that RLS is highly prevalent in type 2 diabetic patients.
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My Struggles With Restless Legs

A former pharmacist and RLS sufferer describes his particular struggles with restless legs symptoms.
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What Is Restless Legs Syndrome?

RLS has a very broadly defined set of symptoms; it’s likely no two people will report the same exact complaints.
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RLS Tied to Earlier Death Risk

Harvard researchers found that men with RLS had a higher risk of an early death.
Medical record with diagnosis of Restless Legs Syndrome

Common Treatments For RLS Make the Disease Worse

Research shows prescription medication is not a long-term solution for relieving RLS symptoms.
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Worried About Air Travel Due to Restless Legs?

Calm legs may be the key to keeping your legs relaxed during your next flight. 
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