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Is Collagen Just For Women?

Men can suffer from the symptoms of collagen loss as much as women do. A collagen peptides supplement can provide joint support, strength and even keep men looking younger.
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Reasons You Lose Collagen As You Age

While you can’t completely stop the natural loss of collagen that leads to fine lines, dryness and loose skin, adjusting lifestyle factors can help.
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Is Collagen Good For Wrinkles?

Numerous research studies show that consistent collagen supplementation can contribute to younger-looking skin.
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Can Collagen Improve the Appearance of Cellulite?

Research suggests supplemental collagen can smooth out those unsightly lumps and dimples that become more common with age, especially in women.
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What’s the Connection Between Collagen and Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is essential to the body's ability to produce collagen, which quite literally holds us all together.
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