Top 5 Natural Therapies for Restless Legs

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Did you know that there are several natural ways to ease the symptoms of Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)? Here are five natural therapies that may offer relief without the unpleasant side effects that sometimes accompany RLS drugs:

  1. Exercise. Quality clinical trials have shown that an exercise regimen including  cardio and leg resistance training three times per week can significantly reduce RLS symptoms. Exercise boosts circulation, relaxes leg muscles and helps you sleep better, too.
  2. Pneumatic compression therapy. It's not as scary as it sounds. In pneumatic compression, an inflatable boot (similar to a blood pressure cuff) is placed on your feet and lower legs. The boot inflates and releases, pulsing in a way that boosts blood circulation to the legs. Multiple studies — including this one — have shown pneumatic compression can significantly ease RLS symptoms.
  3. Massage therapy. Massage shows great promise for RLS relief. RLS is tied to low dopamine levels. Research shows massage boosts dopamine by up to 28%. Massage also enhances circulation and fine tunes the nervous system, offering even more support for jumpy, restless legs. You can find a qualified massage therapist here.
  4. Near-infrared (NIR) light therapy: In NIR light therapy (famous for treating sleep disorders and seasonal depression), skin is exposed to precise light frequencies from special lamps. Research suggests NIR therapy can ease RLS symptoms by boosting circulation and oxygenating leg tissues. Since can also relieve insomnia and depression, NIR is an excellent remedy for RLS symptoms.
  5. Nutritional therapy. Nutritional deficiencies have been identified as a leading RLS cause. Poor dietary choices, prescription and OTC drugs, bad digestion and aging can all deplete the body's nutrient stores and trigger RLS flareups.

    The good news? Calm Legs restores these depleted nutrients, addressing multiple aspects of RLS to provide soothing relief.

    We hope these tips help you to calm your restless legs, so you can enjoy life to the fullest again!