young woman eating yogurt

8 Probiotic-Rich Foods to Strengthen Your Immune System

A healthy gut is more important than ever. Incorporating probiotics into your diet helps steele your immune system against disease.
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woman sitting in a sunny field

Vitamin D and the Immune System

Are you getting enough of the "sunshine vitamin" to ward off infections?
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woman making ichia pudding with blueberries

Foods That Boost Immunity

The advice to "Let food be thy medicine" is spot on. Here are some tips for feeding your immune system.
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woman choosing vegetables over doughnuts

Five Foods That Wreak Havoc on Your Immune System

Keeping your immune system strong by avoiding sugary and highly processed foods is one of the best ways to protect against illness.
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foods high in zinc

Zinc and Immunity

By now you've probably heard that zinc is important to a thriving immune system. Are you getting enough of this essential mineral?
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woman in echinacea purple coneflower garden

Echinacea and Immunity

The evidence suggesting echinacea encourages production of infection-fighting cells is nothing to sneeze at.
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woman sneezing

Vitamin E and Immunity

Stifle that sneeze with this important nutrient that will kick your immune system into high gear.
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sick woman drinking tea

Starve a Fever? Facts and Myths About Your Immune System

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woman picking an orange

Vitamin C and Immunity

Vitamin C helps to maintain a strong immune system, so your white blood cells are primed to fight illness when needed.
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goldenseal plant for immunity

Goldenseal: An Ancient Remedy For Modern Immune Challenges

This medicinal herb has been used for centuries, but it is of particular interest in current times for its antimicrobial and immune-stimulating effects.
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Trimmunity Multi-System Immune Support supplement

How Do the Ingredients in Trimmunity Help Improve Our Immune Defenses?

Trimmunity offers triple-action immune support with seven clinically studied natural immune boosters.
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